Thursday, June 26, 2014

Wanna See: "White Bird in a Blizzard"

Gregg Araki's September 2014 film stars "It" girl, Shailene Woodley as Kat Connors. 17 years old when her mother, Eve (Eva Green), disappears mysteriously, just as Kat is discovering her burgeoning sexuality.

Here are two trailers. The first one is a series of make out clips, posted because the song reminds me of college. Teen kissing. Gregg Araki is the new Larry Clark.

Nevertheless, a coming of age mystery with a good soundtrack; Guilty pleasure.

Well, let's be honest, I never feel guilty over my pleasures.

April 2014, Magnolia Pictures bought the rights to US Distribution. On Demand September 25th and In Theatres October 24th.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Nars Schiap -- Happily Outside My Comfort Zone

I have a lot of lipstick, y'all. I won't get into the dumbfounding (and borderline OCD) numbers here but... it's a lot.  So when I blog about one, with a usual blogging frequency approaching 4 times a year, you can trust it's something spesh.

While browsing narscosmetics dot com last week, I went a lil' cray and ordered the famous, cult-fave "Schiap". As soon as I hit 'process order', I immediately thought, "Unnnh. What did I do that for?"  It's a colour I would seldom, if ever, wear.   


While I love the idea of hot pink, I never seem to be able to pull it off.  I just don't feel like myself.  I generally wear nudes. If I do go bright and colourful, I'll pick a wearable red or coral. But bright pink is so trendy at the minute.  Rihanna does, so why can't I?

RiRi wearing Schiap.

NARS describes Schiap as a "shocking matte pink".  Indeed the product in the bullet looks quite scary.  I'd read that the pigment in Schiap is flattering to all skin tones, but I was skeptical. Surely, a colour like that can only work on certain people. But, no. It does. IT DOES. I really believe anyone would be able to wear this and feel great about it.

If you want to see this amazing colour in different lighting and on all skin tones, you can find tons of pics via a google image search. I shall add a couple more.

Left: Diffused light  /  Right: Direct light

The formula is semi-matte and long-lasting, but pretty comfortable as mattes go. After 5 hours of wear, you can tell my lips are a little dry, but it felt pretty good for most of the day.

Nars semi-matte lipsticks retail for $26 USD at or $30 CDN at

Monday, March 17, 2014

L'Oréal Extraordinaire Gel-Laque colour "Red'y to Shine"

Chanel Coromandel Nail Varnish had been on my wish list for months but was hard to find on this island, and Nordstrom won't ship it here. I finally grabbed it at Heathrow and, when I got home, wouldn'cha know it was nowhere to be found? I never got over it.

While I am sure the colour is easily duped, impressionable me wanted the Chanel version of that classic tomato red.

Enter L'Oréal Extraordinaire Gel-Laque "Red'y to Shine".

Last week at Shoppers Drug Mart, I spied a new L'Oréal display, a three-step lampless "gel" system with lots of fab colours.  I can't legitimately review the 1-2-3 step system as I did not procure the base and top coat and simply used my favourite quick dry topper, Seche Vite.

I zeroed in on "Red'y to Shine", which seemed to resemble that deep coromandel-orange-toned red. I think it's pretty dead on, perhaps without the subtle orange shimmer of Coromandel.

L'Oréal "Red'y to Shine".  (n.b. For some reason, these pics look blue-based. This is actually a warm red.)
It's a quickie one-coat red and is just the colour I was looking for. Application is a dream and I've worn it a week now with some wear on the tips. So don't take the name "gel lacque" to mean it will extend the life of your manicure. But it does have a lovely shine.

I really like the application of "Red'y to Shine" so not only did I dupe my precious Coromandel, but I also found a formula I will explore again. 

You can view all the shades at L'Oréal dot com here.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Kate Somerville - Goat Milk Cream

A new cream! Well, not exactly new, but one I've left to fester in my cabinet as I used up some other bits and bobs. But now it's showtime, Kate. Do me good!

Caroline Hirons, a top UK skin care professional, lists this in her Hall of Fame, refers to it as a "must have", and says it even cleared up her cystic acne.  Well, that is what I'm looking for, but I try to remain unaffected by Hirons' ebullience. I must see this for myself.  (I trust Hirons. I do. But I'm starting to wonder about everyone's integrity in the world of online reviews. The beauty industry, as elsewhere, is certainly not immune to sponsored* reviews. In fact, they are sadly becoming the norm.)

So let's just say I'm optimistically cautious.

I've gotten round to giving it a go and used it in the evenings for two weeks straight.  It's lightweight but it takes a while to absorb so I don't chance it in the morning. It would give too much slip under makeup.

Not giving any validity to the claims of disappearing acne cysts -- that hasn't happened -- but it doesn't seem to aggravate my breakouts. A little greasy but once it does settle, it feels lovely. I've also noticed my skin feels well nourished in the morning.

The bottom line? This cream is rather expensive. It hasn't worked the miracles I've read about so I doubt if I will repurchase.

I'm two weeks in, though. Let's see how the acne goes. Or doesn't.

*Sponsorship is not limited to being paid for, or receiving free product for, a review.  Sponsored means you will get something, anything, back: A you-tube thumbs up, a facebook like, a stellar review back. Tit for tat, as we say. Sponsored means you are recommending something to benefit yourself, either now or in the future. Which means your credibility is blown.