Tuesday, November 20, 2012

G E N I U S !

I ordered this makeup brush tree from Benjabelle.com on October 26th, it shipped the following day and arrived on November 16th. All the way from Fitchberg, Wisconsin to Newfoundland via USPS. That ain't bad.

The timing was perfect as all of my brushes were due an intensive cleaning. I finally put together the tree last night  -- it took all of 3 seconds -- and got crack-a-lackin' on those dirty brushes!

Here's the thing: You shouldn't dry your brushes with the bristles up because moisture gets into the ferrule which eventually loosens the glue and... good-bye brush. To clean them with care, after you wash with a gentle soap, you generally have to lay them flat.

So, Jannabelle -- a fellow makeup lover -- and her partner Ben came up with this simple, brilliant solution.

The best inventions are the most straightforward. You push your brush up through the holes that have grippers made of silicone and the brushes dry with the bristles falling down naturally, as they should. Because the bristles get more airtime, they dry quicker, and stay in better shape than if you laid them flat. The silicone will grab most any size brush but I found it useful to put 2-3 of the smaller brushes together in one hole.

The tree is quite sturdy and comes apart for travel.

If you'd like to see it in action, Dustin Hunter has an excellent video demo here.

While I don't know Jannabelle and Ben personally, I've been following Jannabelle's blog for some time now and I fricking adore her. She always shows me something new and I look forward to each post.  Her taste in music and art, her spirit, have always inspired me.

She's a beautiful soul. I was happy to order this from her. And now I'm so happy I have it.

The Brush Tree comes in white, black and pink. It retails for $25 at benjabelle.com.

A very useful Christmas gift! xo

n.b.  I just ordered another one as a gift and see that the actual retail price is $34.95.  ($24.95 was a promo price.) Meanwhile, do check the site for coupon codes.  Right now they have a promo of $5 off, if you use the code "brushlove". :)


  1. I saw this on YT a few months ago. One of the beauty vloggers I follow (Lisaz09) was demonstrating it. I believe hers cracked during shipping, but still useable. I may have to order this and give it a whirl, now that I've seen it in action and reviewed by someone a little closer to "home".

  2. It's been essential for me Babs!